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VIDEO: Introducing... Wilson

You love to party with lots of beer, right? Well we think we’ve found your perfect band in Wilson.

We catch up with frontman Chad Nicefield to find out where the full blast fuckers came from and why they’re here to kick our asses. Unsurprisingly, Wilson started as an excuse to get free beer and it has now mutated into a this bearded beast after six years of non-stop rolling chaos.

As Chad himself says, Wilson are the band to let loose to after a shitty day at work or college and their live show “won’t disappoint you” – which we can attest to. Sure they’re not the biggest band in the world, but as Nicefield points out, as long as the band are making a difference to someone then it’s worth it. And they’ve definitely made a difference to our livers.

New album, Right To Rise, out 29th Jun via Razor & Tie.

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