Video: Aeroplane Flies High 'Honey' & 5 Essential 90s Alt.Rock Clips

Inspired by the greats of the '90s alt.rock and grunge scenes, Aeroplane Flies High release their debut EP Honey on July 14. In addition to premiering the video, we asked the band to nominate five essential promo clips from the '90s' alt.rock scene. Check everything out below.

Like that? Then you’ll love these too…

BABES IN TOYLAND - WON’T TELL This video is just so creepy and has that really 90’s vibe ,you get from the likes of Soundgarden’s Black hole Sun, but much better.. Babes look great, Kat in her pretty dress and red lipstick, singing to a really weird song, and SCREAMING! Who the hell does that now? Why is there a chubby cherub sweaty guy in the video? Why do they spin, it’s just really weird and freaky and the song is just like POW! GIRLS OF THE 90S HAD BALLS.

PAVEMENT- GOLD SOUNDZ Pavement are a significant band of the 90’s, you can hear tons of influence on everything ‘indie’ from the ‘90s onwards.. They even refused to go on a major record label, pretty cool! The video reflects the ‘90s pretty well, super daft and very ‘90s attire, apart from the Santa suits. What where they doing with the bow and arrows? Shooting for the santa god to send them a chicken, that has car keys in them, then they can go and drink milk on a field in the sun!? Amazing.


Check out that bowl cut! And the ridiculously big guitar cabs that often made an appearance in ‘90s videos… A song that defines the times and the ethics of the ‘90s. Doesn’t give a shit whilst giving a shit. Money and success went out one door but good music and individual mindset came in the other. The song isn’t about having money or getting women: Just someone robbing your jumper, thread by thread.


Hum are a really underrated band and a massive influence on us and perhaps Deftones?They got to wear Deidre Barlow glasses and white socks, and still look pretty damn cool, maybe it’s the MASSIVE guitar tone? AND BOSS DRUMMER. This video is really dreamy just like the song, anything with space in it gets instant kudos from the band! Space is cool! Literally, it’s freezing you know. Why is there a giant women who looks really lost in the video?


Breeders are a humongous influence on the band and this video (and song) is just pure daft fun! Colour matched outfits according to the colour of the wall behind you? Ok go for it! Also note that this song is a cover of a Guided By Voices song and the people that are looking in the window of the garage is none other than said band! Short, colourful and sweet!

Paul Brannigan
Contributing Editor, Louder

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