TR+ Singles Club: Neon Animal

neon animal singles club

Welcome back to the TeamRock+ Singles Club, a new track to download every week. This week’s track comes from Neon Animal, a London-based band, and the title explains their ethos: Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead.

Rock’n’roll’s not dead, what’re you talking about?!

Obviously, music connoisseurs like us can always find good music. We’re special. But to the wider public, rock’n’roll – and in fact any kind of guitar-driven music – is pretty much irrelevant. Maybe even to some rock fans: have you listened to the rock playlists on Spotify and Apple Music? Every song sounds the same: over-produced, sanitised drek, – so formulaic it sounds like it was constructed by a panel of San Pellegrino-sipping executives in a record company boardroom and then produced by the IT department.

So what’s different about this lot?

In the words of Classic Rock, Neon Animal play a “hooky mix of dirty glam and boot-stomping rock’n’roll. As mission statements go Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead is simple yet effective, and delivered with enough Iggy-esque sass to raise impressed eyebrows and genuine smiles. Tasty”. This is classic punk’n’roll. It might have its feet in the gutter but it’s looking at the… actually, it’s looking at the gutter too. It’s from an alternative world where Iggy, Stiv and Michael Monroe are gods and Johnny Thunders and Steve Jones are the greatest guitar heroes. The video captures it brilliantly:

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For more info on NEON ANIMAL, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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