TR+ Singles Club: Long John and the Killer Blues Collective

Long John and the Killer Blues collective

Welcome back to the easy to discover new music, one download at a time. This week, it’s the latest (and first) single from Long John and the Killer Blues Collective with Devil’s Train.

Long John? I remember a guy called Long John Laundry that Classic Rock raved about a couple of years back…

Well remembered. This is the same Long John, with the jokey ‘Laundry’ tag dropped for this project. Long John’s music was always much weightier than his name suggested and the Killer Blues Collective does seem have bigger ambitions.

“This album differs from the others as it’s really from my heart,” says Long John. “I feel it naturally just flowed out of me, nothing was forced, that’s why it’s taken time to evolve.

“Myself and Jules Fly [bass] were aiming to create an original sound and vibe, digging deep into our own blues/soul/punk backgrounds and tapping into vintage blues vibes and deep musical roots. That led me down a path to exploring my own inner demons and spiritual thoughts. You could say this album is spiritual, honest and straight from my soul.”

Sounds heavy.

On the one hand it is – this is killer blues: mean, bad-assed heavy blues rock – on the other hand, there’s still room for a song title like Big Man Got A Fat Chicken. It’s as wild as you might expect from a band that’ve played with Wilko Johnson, The Jim Jones Revue and The Block Heads and the Urban Voodoo Machine. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a night on the tiles.

That I can relate to: what do I have to do?

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