Top 10 tech metal tracks as chosen by Harbinger

Since forming back in 2015, UK tech metallers Harbinger have made quite the name for themselves with their unique and ferocious breed of metal. 

After the success of their first two EPs, Paroxysm and Human Dust, the technical wizards decided to self release their debut album Compelled To Suffer – available to order now.

We caught up with the band while on the last leg of their Sounds Of Carnage tour with Nekrogoblikon, to find out what their ultimate tech metal tunes are.

10. Vale of Pnath – Klendathu

We are currently on tour with Nekrogoblikon, who boast an impressive list of other projects and bands. Their drummer Eric introduced us to another one of his bands Vale of Pnath and his drum work on this track is phenomenal.

9. Godeater – Exsanguinated

This is an absolutely killer track from our Scottish friends in Godeater. The composition as a whole is intense, intricate and impressive.

8. Burning the Masses – Nailgun Massacre

Pretty old skool technical dethcore track but this track contains so much technicality! From the fast blast beats and double kicks to the sweeping guitar lines. Switching between low chucks and guitar sweep, what not technical about that?!

7. The Black Dahlia Murder – Deathmask Divine

It’s fast, it’s riffy and it’s technical on all instruments! From start to finish this song is a facemelter. It’s really hard to pick a track from this band to include in a list because they have so so many good ones! I’m sure most people are familiar with The Black Dahlia Murder but if you’re familiar with their album Nocturnal definitely check it out! 

6. Rings of Saturn – Seized and Devoured

This song is a great gateway for people into the ludicrously technical aspects of the metal genre. The guitar work is intricate and groundbreaking. 

5. Between the Buried and Me – Swim to the Moon

This track is killer! There’s so much variety thrown into Between The Buried & Me tracks. The track’s folky style guitar lines, fast riffs and huge guitar solo section gives a lot for the Tech Metal fan to feast on. And the breakdown gives you a nice groovy release to headbang too.

4. Sylosis – Empyreal

If sweep picking is your thing, this is the ultimate challenge. The fact that Josh Middleton used to do this live as well as vocals blows our mind. 

3. Decapitated – Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)

This song is incredibly tight and groovy. A fantastic example of right hand precision, and how you can be technical without playing a ton of notes.

2. Fellsilent – Immerse

Influential would be an understatement for this track. This song laid the foundations for the UK technical metal scene in 2008. 

1. Necrophagist – Stabwound

This is the ultimate definitive technical metal track. Its hard, heavy, and one of the most technical songs on all instruments. If you can play this flawlessly, you shouldn’t have any trouble with any other songs on the metal spectrum.

Harbinger Tour Dates 2019
Jun 20: Durer Kert, Budapest HU*
Jun 21: Randal Club, Bratislava SK*
Jun 22: NAUMANNs Leipzig, Leipzig GE*
Jun 23: Lido Berlin, Berlin GE*
Jun 24: Logo Hamburg, Hamburg GE*
Jun 31: The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK (with Loathe)
Jul 04: UK Tech-Metal Fest, Newark UK
Aug 02: RADAR Festival, Guildford UK
Aug 08: Bloodstock Open Air 2019, Walton-On-Trent UK

*Sounds Of Carnage tour w/Nekrogoblikon, Rings Of Saturn, Left To The Wolves, Mental Cruelty