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There's a new way to learn guitar, drums and production online for players of all levels with MLC Powered By Marshall

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Wherever you are on your journey as a musician, the Music Learning Community Powered By Marshall (opens in new tab) can help you take the next step to achieve your potential and go further with its trailblazing packages of online tutoring, personalised lessons and development with real qualifications to aim towards.

MLC Powered By Marshall (opens in new tab) is the first professionally taught, community led and industry recognised music learning platform, offering a virtual campus to aid you.

If you want reach new heights as a guitarist, drummer or music producer right now, this the perfect platform for you.  MLC Powered By Marshall can help you learn from industry players, performers and professional tutors in a way that's tailored exclusively to you. 

The Music Learning Community Powered By Marshall (opens in new tab) offers a supportive and inclusive online campus for you. It combines one-to-one support, personalised development and online tutoring so you can learn at your own pace comfortably with a tailored path, no matter your skill level.

Musicians can upload their playing and get feedback from tutors at a time that suits them or receive one-to-one lessons – learn your way. 

This online learning platform brings all of the relevant elements of the music industry together under one virtual roof with students, education, accreditation, manufacturers, retailers and music professionals. 

MLC Powered By Marshall (opens in new tab) isn't just designed for a wide range of skill levels; it's structured for players of different ages too. There's industry-recognised instrument accreditation from the RSL Awards, and the MLC also offers opportunities for vocational qualifications. You can even earn UCAS points.

The MLC virtual campus is designed to help you every step of the way; from seminars with pros to podcasts, a library to provide you with the knowledge you need and even a virtual lecture theatre. 

Unleash your potential and start learning today from £14.99 at (opens in new tab)