The Top 10 Halestorm Songs, by Stone Broken's Robyn Haycock

Lzzy Hale
Lzzy Hale (Image credit: Steve Jennings \/ Getty Images)

When it comes to singing, Lzzy Hale is one of the best female rock singers on the scene right now. She has the aggression and attitude needed to front a kick-ass rock band! On a side note, Arejay is one of my favourite drummers too!

Below are my top 10 Halestorm songs.

Stone Broken’s new album Ain’t Always Easy will be released on March 2. The band start a UK and European Tour later this month.

I Get Off
This is a kick-ass song, Lzzy’s vocals sound huge in the chorus. She tells a story that you can get lost in whilst listening to the track.

You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing
Lzzy brings the attitude in this song. I love the whole vibe, from the drums to the vocals. An all-round awesome song.

Love Bites
Love bites is an awesome, fast-paced track that gets straight to the point with no messing around. Lzzy shows everyone what she can do.

I Miss The Misery
I can remember going to a Halestorm show for the first time and they started with this song. Lzzy belted out the first note and it gave me chills. From that moment I was hooked, and catch them live whenever I can.

Mz. Hyde
I Love blasting this song loud for all to hear, it’s a headbanger from the very start, riffs, pounding drums and vocal melodies that won’t leave your head… my kind of song!

Freak Like Me
Heavy as hell, this is a like a rock fan theme tune. “It’s our time now…“, followed by Lzzys’ signature scream Proper rock!

It’s Not You
You can’t beat a song that starts with a chorus! The middle eight in this song is pure chugg, and then Lzzy lets rip! Huge range, loads of aggression.

Don’t Know How To Stop
This song gets played quite a lot on my playlist, especially when we’re out on tour, It’s a belter of a song!

What Were You Expecting
Lzzy’s vocals in this song are insane. From the harmonies to the high notes, she belts it out!

I Am The Fire
I love the statement in this song: no matter what you’re going through, you’re always gonna come out of it a stronger person. Always believe in yourself and follow your dreams!

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