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The story behind Memoriam's For The Fallen album artwork

Memoriam band photo

Brummie death metallers Memoriam are releasing their debut album For The Fallen in March, and we have to admit the artwork is KILLER. Created by Dan Seagrave (who has worked with the likes of Benediction and Suffocation), it’s a green-greyscale depiction of a city ravaged by war. Just look at it, all the buildings have crumbled to the floor, tanks are lying broken amongst the rubble, and an army of skeletal soldiers are acting as undead pallbearers to a very metal looking coffin. Seriously, it looks like Motorhead designed that casket.

And not only is the funeral procession leaving the city for pastures new, they’re walking over a pile of animal skulls and bones, including a fully preserved dog just chilling there.

But how did the artwork come to be? Karl Willets and Scott Fairfax talk us through the For The Fallen art in the video below.

For The Fallen is available March 24, via Nuclear Blast.

Bolt Thrower, Benediction men form Memoriam

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