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The most-read stories on Metal Hammer last week

As you already know, there is one metric fuck-ton of kickass content on Metal Hammer and last week was no exception. We had Lemmy, System Of A Down, moshing toddlers, bad Photoshopping and loads more!

Sorry FFDP, Crue, Pistols... Lemmy is a bigger rockstar than you

This is a metal song played on one fret

Why I stopped listening to Phil Collins and learned to love metal

Hummers, Dope And Double Albums: Inside System Of A Down

An illustrated history of the pentagram in heavy metal

EODM Hughes says murdered fans tried to save pals

Nightwish: Bands that mimic us make no sense to me

Badly Photoshopping Abbath into historical events

This is a toddler circle pitting to Exmortus

Metallica DID think of firing Lars