The best wireless headphones deals


Everybody loves a bargain. Whether it’s £5 or £500 off, saving yourself a few quid never gets old – and while we can’t quite promise to save you as much as the latter, there are definitely some deals to be found out there on wireless headphones

We’ve used the knowledge of our sister sites What Hi-Fi and TechRadar to highlight only decent pairs, so you’re not going to be spending your hard-earned on any old rubbish, even if it is cheap.  

Starting with the biggest discount first, here are 10 of the best deals available right now. Be quick, because they might not hang around forever.


AKG Y50BTBLK headphones: was £169.99, now £63.94

AKG’s brilliant Y50BT wireless headphones come in a variety of primary colours, but if you want to get them at their cheapest and save over £90 on the original asking price, pick the plain black ones. With a foldable design and 20-hour battery life, they’re pretty much the ideal everyday commuter headphones. View Deal

House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless

House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless: was £69.99, now £33.99

While the denim finish on the headband might be an acquired taste, there’s nothing to say you can only listen to reggae with these House Of Marley on-ears. In fact, their folding, aluminium cups deliver a pretty impressive sound for the price – and when that price is 51% off the usual, they’re well worth a listen.  View Deal

JBL Harman E55

JBL Harman E55: was £119.99, now £69.99 

Like the AKG’s above, JBL Harman’s E55 cans come in various Beats-style colours, but you’ll save a significant chunk of cash by sticking with plain old black. And what difference does it make when they’re stuck on your head anyway? Bass could be a bit more refined but with solid wireless reliability and a big sound, these will certainly do the job.View Deal

B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC

B&O BeoPlay H3 ANC: was £199.00, now £122.13

If it’s noise-cancelling you’re after but don’t want to wear a big pair of over-ear cans, B&O’s BeoPlay H3 ANC in-ears also cut out the kerfuffle. As you might expect it’s a subtler effect but it still helps you to hear the detail that these pick out. Bang & Olufsen is one of those brands you expect to pay through the nose for, but with 40% off, these are B&O on a budget.  View Deal

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2: £61.99, now £32.00

Skullcandy’s products can tend towards the garish but, with the ultra chunky neckband removed, the Smokin Buds 2 are fairly unimposing. Battery life could be better and wireless signal isn’t always as reliable as you’ll find elsewhere, but for this price you get a full, fun sound that doesn’t disappoint. View Deal

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3: was £79.99, now £54.99

Designed for gym bunnies but still perfectly happy out on the high street, Optoma’s NuForce BE Sport3 have plenty going for them. Well made, comfortable and with good sound isolation so your music doesn’t get drowned out by external racket, they also have great battery life. Chuck in a 35% discount and it’s hard to work out what you’re waiting for.View Deal

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2: was £229.99, now £152.64

Got a seriously long-haul flight coming up and fancy a pair of cans that’ll last you from check-in to baggage reclaim? Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 have a battery that’ll keep going for a whopping 24 hours – and they’ll last even longer with the noise-cancelling turned off. The faux wood finish might not be for everyone but with 33% off, the price tag almost certainly is.View Deal

Jabra Move Wireless

Jabra Move Wireless: was £84.99, now £58.14

While they might not be the cheapest of Jabra’s Move Wireless headphones, these ones with the gold finish actually offer the biggest saving. As well as the fancy flourishes, these lightweight on-ears have a not-too-shabby 8-hour battery life and sound more than good enough for your commute, although they can be a bit leaky, so be wary of bothering others.View Deal

Sony WH-1000XM2

Sony WH-1000XM2: was £330.00, now £269.00 

With their excellent sound quality and cutting-edge tech, Sony’s WH-1000XM2 are up there with the very best Bluetooth headphones you can buy, so even a fairly modest 25% off looks like a bit of a bargain. Smarter noise-cancelling means they automatically adjust depending on how cacophonous the environment you’re in is.  View Deal

Sony WI-1000X

Sony WI-1000X: was £260.00, now £205.50

Not the biggest discount on this list but when the headphones are this good they’re definitely worth including. Knocking nearly £60 off the asking price, these high-end in-ears have some of the same tech as the over-ear WH-1000XM2, including noise-cancelling and support for Google Assistant, although in a more portable package. That neckband isn’t for everyone, mind.View Deal