The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

A press shot of Trivium taken in 2016

Trivium - Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio

“A debut album that caused barely a ripple of interest when it emerged two years before the Floridians’ breakthrough, Ember To Inferno showcased a young band with heads full of possibilities, passion and a dash of supreme confidence. Admittedly, this lavish, expanded reissue does contain a fair amount of tentative filler, not least among the generous helping of previously unreleased bonus cuts, but the original album has stood the test of time extraordinarily well.” Read the full review here.

Naberus - The Lost Reveries

“Opener Drones is full of righteous guitar duelling and closer Reveries locks into a formidable groove. In between is a plethora of inventive riffs, intriguing arrangements and expertly crafted metallic pomp that belie Naberus’s inexperience and point towards interesting times ahead.” Read the full review here.

Camel Of Doom - Terrestrial

“Founding guitarist/vocalist Kris Clayton and bassist Simon Whittle, together with talented session drummer Tom Vallely (Lychgate, Macabre Omen), craft doom of the vast, austere, black-hole-gazing variety, seemingly inspired by Vangelis’ subzero synths as much as the forerunners of funeral doom and industrial/post-metal, from My Dying Bride and Esoteric to Neurosis and Godflesh.” Read the full review here.

Bethlehem - Bethlehem

“Eighteen years ago Germany’s Bethlehem recorded S.U.I.Z.I.D., an album so depressive and utterly disturbing that after digging so deep, they had only two options left: decide there’s nothing left to do and implode, or crawl their way back to the light. Bethelehem – or more accurately their sole steady member, Jürgen Bartsch – chose the latter… Until now. Yet, even if self-titling their eighth full-length is quite symbolic, they’d rather call it a rejuvenation than a ‘return to the roots’ gesture.” Read the full review here.

Sarkom - Anti-Cosmic Art

“The band’s fourth album won’t disappoint anyone looking for that aggressive black metal fix but although there are still few concessions to atmospheric or progressive concerns, it’s nevertheless a more expansive work than fans have come to expect.” Read the full review here.

Season Of Arrows - Give It To The Mountain

“Second album in two years for this Nashville doom quintet, and although their eponymous debut was a strong effort, … Mountains more convincingly hones a signature sound and style, raising standards of songwriting and performance. Season Of Arrows make good use of their twin-guitar setup to add a subtle harmonic undertow to their heaving riffs, windswept melodies and rugged, heavy metal heroism.” Read the full review here.

Worm Ouroboros - What Graceless Dawn

“Worm Ouroboros have been refining a skeletal reimagining of doom metal’s unseen neo- folk core for the best part of a decade, so they deserve credit for being ahead of the ‘chamber doom’ game. Assuming you’re willing to succumb to the glacial sprawl of songs like 14-minute centrepiece Ribbon Of Shadow, there is much exquisite torture to be enjoyed here.” Read the full review here.

The Best New Metal Album Releases This Week

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