We got 3teeth to pick their 10 favourite Tool songs


Los Angeles industrialists 3TEETH are no strangers to Tool, being handpicked by Maynard and co. to support them on their 2016 tour of the United States. Not bad for a small band of noise gremlins.

And while 3TEETH might musically have more in common with Skinny Puppy, they’re bloody massive fans of Tool’s alt-metal brilliance, which is why Alexis Mincolla has chosen his top ten Tool tracks of all time for us!

“Quite simply a great song for when you’re looking to transcend to a place that’s four degrees warmer. You know, like a little vacation to the land of anal sex. But seriously, who doesn’t love songs about anal sex?”


“To me this really captures the raw aggression of early Tool that I love so much, and I’m pretty sure you’re guaranteed to break out in a sweat by head banging to it.”

Die Eier Von Satan

“There is something absolutely menacing about this song, but it’s also totally absurd, which I think is something only Tool could pull off. It’s also probably their most industrial song, and the fact that you get a German cake recipe with a magickal incantation is a real bonus for all you foodies out there.”

Ticks And Leeches

“The way this song opens with that dizzying percussion, a huge soaring guitar lead, and one of Maynard’s nastiest screams ever is just perfect. This is definitely one of my favourite tunes, I feel like it’s some of their most aggressive later work.”


“I find this song really cathartic in many ways. It’s like the perfect anthemic negation to all the bullshit of Los Angeles, the entertainment industry, and much of the western world. You should try listening to it the next time you take a shit. Just close your eyes and imagine flushing all these things down the toilet and see what that does for your state of consciousness.”


“This song has always served as a great reminder to me of sacred tensions that exist in the schisms that often come in creative collaboration, and the amazing work that can be born out of it we manage to bridge those divides.”

Right In Two

“Just an absolutely beautifully written song, so rich in emotion and introspection. I feel like Tool are one of the few bands who can really write songs that passionately inspire questions about the human experience without coming across as trite, which is one of the things that make them so special.”


“Just an absolutely classic Tool tune that takes me back to being in high school. It’s got this anthemic sing-along quality that I just love. They’ve also got a new extended jam version that they’ve been playing live lately – that is really epic.”


“I have a penchant for weird, conceptual ‘90s album interludes and this one is about as good as it gets. That ‘life feeds on life’ chant with the sheep noises gave me chills the first time I heard it. It’s probably one of the best song names ever.”


“This is one of those unbelievably transcendent Tool songs that I found myself revisiting a great deal during some difficult times as I always found the message so empowering and almost meditative. This song is a great reminder that there will never be another band like Tool.”

3TEETH’s new album Shutdown.exe is onsale May 19, and available to order on iTunes now. Check out the video for the title track below.

3TEETH - <shutdown.exe> album review

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