The 10 best Norma Jean songs, as chosen by Cove

Norma Jean
Norma Jean

Kent metallic hardcore crew Cove might be taking cues from the likes of UK metal figureheads While She Sleeps, but they’re just as partial to the frantic flailings going on across The Pond. Atlanta cult heroes Norma Jean are a favourite for all of Cove, taking cues from the unhinged yet carefully crafted instrumentation of Cory Brandan and co.

So it makes sense that they’ve picked their ten favourite Norma Jean songs of all time for us! If you’re a fan of Norma Jean, Cove, or just hardcore in general, you should give these tracks a spin.

Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes

“The low, rumbling, loose riff at the beginning of this song is really awesome. What we like about this song in particular is the video. Comical videos are a rarity in heavy music, so it’s good to see a band not taking themselves too seriously.”

Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste

“Collectively, this is the first Norma Jean song we all heard. It’s a staple of the early metalcore/post-hardcore movement. It’s really interesting to hear how a lot of new bands coming out now take influence from that era.”

Falling From The Sky: Day 7

“We love this song. It shows that the band not only master the chaotic hardcore style, but they also write really intricate, epic songs. The lyrical content really makes you think as well.”

If You Got It At Five, You Got It At Fifty

“This song is so energetic and full of interesting and out-of-the-ordinary riffs. That’s something we really respect about Norma Jean, every song has its own character while remaining integral to the band’s sound.”

I. The Planet

“This song is so simple yet so heavy. We’ve seen videos of Norma Jean open sets with it – it’s the ultimate set opener.”

A Media Friendly Turn For The Worse

“We were typing up what we thought of this song while listening to it but the keyboard melted. RIFF.”

Sun Dies Blood Moon

“This song is just huge. It shows both sides of Norma Jean with the spooky clean parts at the start, right through to the massive heavy sections later on in the song. We love how it shows the dynamics of the band.”

1,000,000 Watts

“This was the first song they released from Polar Similar. It still has that classic Norma Jean sound with the scuzzy riffs, but is also evolving into their new song. It’s the perfect bridge between new and old.”


“What we love about this one is that it’s one of the more chilled-out tracks, but also remains so heavy. One of those perfect driving tracks for when you’re on the road.”

Hive Minds

“The beginning of this song really gets you in the mood by slowly teasing you with gradual build ups, before it slides into the huge opening riff. Followed by five-mins of pure groove that just makes you want to move.”

Cove have recently released a new video for Solis, which you can watch below. They’re also heading out on tour across the UK this summer, including two dates with Holding Absence.

Cove tour dates

07 Jul: The Ex, Corby
26 Jul: Black Heart, London
04 Aug: Forum, Tunbridge Wells (w/ Holding Absence)
05 Aug: The Booking Hall, Dover (w/ Holding Absence)
09 Aug: Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
10 Aug: Subside, Birmingham
11 Aug: O’RIleys, Hull
12 Aug: The Garage Attic, Glasgow
13 Aug: Santiagos, Leeds
01 Oct: Deadbolt Festival, Manchester

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