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Employed To Serve cover Norma Jean's Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste

Employed To Serve in the studio
Justine Jones giving it hell

Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock on the outer rim of the solar system, you’re no doubt aware of Metal Hammer’s 30th anniversary covers CD. It’s incredible. Seriously, we’ve got Korn, Asking Alexandria, Sabaton, Wilson, Cane Hill, Devin Townsend and more covering their favourite bands. It’s sick.

One of the more hardcore and ferocious covers comes from the angular Woking menaces Employed To Serve, who recreated the Norma Jean belter Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste.

Speaking to Hammer about their choice, vocalist Justine Jones said: “We chose this because [2002’s] Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child is one of our favourite albums.

“This was recorded from 9pm-5am on a work night; we finished recording and then drove home to shower for work. Sammy’s [Urwin, guitarist] vocals were recorded last, which is probably why they sound even more unhinged than the original vocalist’s…”

You can watch Employed To Serve’s late-night recording session below.

This track comes on the free CD with the latest issue of Metal Hammer – in stores now! Or you can order a copy online.

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