The 10 best Nasum songs, as chosen by Implore

Nasum performing live

Noisy grind four-piece Implore recently unleashed their second album Subjugate onto the world, ready to shatter eardrums and send nervous systems into a state of panic. Taking cues from the crustier end of heavy music, it’s no surprise that the band are Nasum fans – the much-loved Swedish grindcore band from the ‘90s.

In fact, they’re such big fans that guitarist Markus Matzinger and bassist Gabriel Dubko offered to create us a playlist of the ten best Nasum songs. And here they are!


“The groove and the concept of this song; it’s grind for those who don’t understand sonic violence. Maybe love at first grind – everybody needs to start somewhere! The vocals are intelligible, a lot of mid-tempo, it’s their single for approaching a wider audience to the band.”

The Engine Of Death

“Grind chaos! Blasts, structure, the solo, the lyrics, the variety – it’s a masterpiece. It’s less than two minutes of perfection.”


“A hardcore song by a grind band. Sound familiar?”

The Black Swarm (Human 2.0)

“I love the awesome blast-riffing in the beginning, and that catchy drum-groove in the end!”


The Nasum song. The whole style of the band is played in one song. Also, there’s a great groove in the end.”


“It’s all about the beautiful d-beat riffing in the end.”


“The main riff is played in different rhythms – every part fits perfectly to its playthrough.”

Preview Of Hell

“The arranging of the song is perfect. You can listen to it over and over again without it getting boring.”

…And You Were Blind To What Lay Beyond The Horizon

“The perfect opener for the Campaign split EP with Warhate. It’s short, to the point and in-your-face.”


“There’s no break in this song, it just pushes forward. There’s no time to breathe.”

Implore’s new album Subjugate is out now via Century Media and available to order. Watch their new video for Patterns To Follow below.

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