The 10 best metal bands from Thailand

Defying Decay

Metal isn't just a big deal in the UK and US, heavy music is spreading all over the globe and communities are popping up everywhere. From the thrashy Indonesian scene led by Burgerkill to Silence Festival in Nepal, Asia's love of heavy metal is growing by the day.

You might not know it, but there's a burgeoning metal scene in Thailand. Often tilted toward the deathcorey more contemporary sounds, Thai metal bands are taking the sound of the west and turning it into something new. 

We asked 'Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati, vocalist for Thai noisemakers Defying Decay, to pick the ten best metal bands from Thailand. Here's who to look out for:

Kiss And Demise

This band is like a perfect modern metalcore band: they know how to maintain a heavy riff while having all the melodic elements and ambient electronics that give their songs a larger-than-life effect. They’re perfect for fans of Architects and Crossfaith. 


What’s great about this band is how they combine J-Rock with post-hardcore, both visually and sonically. They got really big when they started putting out some covers of BNK48, which is an all-girl idol group that’s popular in Thailand. They’re expanding the metal scene nationwide and are getting a lot of the younger audience into heavier music. I’d say that they’re like the gateway for kids that are getting into metal – if you’re a fan of My First Story and Crystal Lake, you’ll like these guys.


This band is for anyone who likes groovy, heavy music. They’re not just any typical deathcore band – they’re like a modern nu-metal band with low-tuned guitars and screaming. However, in terms of rhythm, they’ve arranged their vocals like that of hip-hop. They’re the first deathcore band who got signed to a major label in Thailand, which is Warner Music Thailand. Emmure and For The Fallen Dreams fans will really dig this!


I would have to say that this was the first band in Thailand that really made the metal scene what it is today. They made it back in 2008 and were the first band that got picked up by a major back then. 

Like A Secret Seen

This band will give you emo nostalgia, taking you back to the 2009-2011 Warped Tour bands era. The vocalist is really great and can hit all those high notes live. Fans of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil will really dig this!

Bomb At Track

There is only one thing I have to say about this band – they are the new Rage Against The Machine. The lyrics are so political and the songs are pretty much the same thing as them. 

In Vice Versa

This band has a blend of everything on the table in the modern metal genre.


This band is anther post-hardcore band from Bangkok. They sound a lot like Story Of The Year, but upgraded with more screaming and breakdowns. 

Kluay Thai

This band is interesting because they use a lot of traditional classic Thai instruments in their music, mixed with heavy and catchy guitar riffs. 

Dream Of Mad Children

This band is the king of the deathcore scene here. It’s just the heaviest and nastiest thing we’ll hear in Thailand.

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