Talking to Babymetal about their bonkers 2016


It’s been a whirlwind year for Japan’s enigmatic metal trio Babymetal. Releasing their second album Metal Resistance on Fox Day (or April 1 to the uninitiated) and headlining Wembley arena the following day, it was a meteoric rise to the upper echelons of heavy music from that point onwards. Main stage sets at Download festival, releasing a range of Funko Pop! vinyl toys, announcing their own animated series and headlining two nights at the infamous Tokyo Dome – it’s a story that most bands can only dream of. But what do the girls think of all the crazy events of 2016?

What was the best moment of playing the Tokyo Dome?

YUIMETAL: “When the neck braces glowed during The One. It was one of the things that I had wanted to see for a long time so it’s my best memory.”

MOAMETAL: “I can’t decide the best moment. I loved every single moment. I was happy when I felt we were loved by all ages, overcoming the barriers of gender and nationality!”

How does it feel to play the biggest venue in your home country?

SU-METAL: “I really didn’t think we could make it to Tokyo Dome, so I was surprised. Although, it made me realise that our goal is in fact beyond all this.”

YUIMETAL: “I still can’t believe that I actually performed at Tokyo Dome. The Dome that I knew in my childhood and the Dome I performed at seem like two very different places. It’s a strange feeling.”

MOAMETAL: “I’m really glad! After seeing the audience’s smiling faces right in front of me, it’s made me want to become bigger as an artist.”

What was the high point of your 2016?

YUIMETAL: “I guess it has to be Tokyo Dome. Starting at Wembley arena, we kept moving forward non-stop, together with everyone, all the way to Tokyo Dome. It was where we were able to unite with many people.”

MOAMETAL: “2016 isn’t over yet so I can’t tell what my highest point is. Every day when I’m with BABYMETAL, I’m at my highest point and opening new chapters of my life.”

What has been the low point?

YUIMETAL: “There were times when I made a mistake or failed, but I think it’s because of our mistakes that we learn and become stronger. So I don’t see myself as having any low points.”

MOAMETAL: “There were so many things happening and we were extremely busy. Even though I may have thought at that time ‘Oh! No way…’ now that we’ve made it here, I think of everything to be a good memory.”

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met this year?

SU-METAL: “Red Hot Chili Peppers!”

YUIMETAL: “Judas Priest and Red Hot Chili Peppers!”

MOAMETAL: “Everyone I met was great to me. So I’m very glad to be able to meet everyone.”

What’s your biggest ambition for 2017?

SU-METAL: “I wish to go to many places! I’d like to go anywhere in the world to say thank you to everyone who is supporting us everywhere!”

YUIMETAL: “I’d like to challenge myself to do things that we could only do now! I’d like to say ‘Dream big!’ but I’d actually like to make dreams come true, one at a time.”

MOAMETAL: “I think the more I challenge myself, the more I’m able to see the goal.”

What does the Fox God think of your upcoming animated series?

SU-METAL: “I think the Fox God likes to make various challenges so he would be glad for us to take up this challenge.”

MOAMETAL: “I don’t know how the Fox God thinks of this, but I’m glad that what I wished for a long time has become true. I had been saying that I want to start an anime series so the Fox God is really kind to make this come true!”

What are your favourite animated TV shows?

SU-METAL: Doraemon.

YUIMETAL: “The anime from Studio Ghibli and the anime directed by Mamoru Hosoda. I like the touch of the drawings and the stories.”

MOAMETAL: “I love anime! My favourites are Kirarin Revolution, Love Live!, and The Powerpuff Girls.”

With Funko Toys, an animated series and two Tokyo Dome shows, what is there left for Babymetal left to achieve?

YUIMETAL: “I think there is no end to BABYMETAL. As long as there is someone waiting for us to come over, as long as we move forward, there are no limits.”

MOAMETAL: “I guess there is still so much to do. We are liked by people of all ages, genders and nationality, so I would love to continue meeting all kinds of people! I want to create a world that is overflowing with love, which is why it is so important for us to reach out to many people. I don’t just want to dream of a world filled with love but I want to do something to achieve that!”

Babymetal’s Live At Wembley album is out December 9.

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