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Stephen Colbert buys Flaw a $15,000 van

Stephen Colbert with Flaw

Many months ago, Stephen Colbert compared Flaw (opens in new tab)'s crowdfunding campaign for a new tour van with Donald Trump, alerting his millions of viewers to the plight of the Kentucky nu metallers. Months later he promoted their page again in another segment as they still hadn't reached their goal of $15,000.

But the band ultimately came up short, missing their goal by less than $1000. So what did the host of The Late Show do? He went and bought Flaw a van and invited them to New York for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

After testing Flaw's metal cred with a list of fake band names (Autopsy Turvy being our favourite), he helps the band decorate their new wheels in the weakest episode of Pimp My Ride ever. There are beanbag chairs with seatbelts attached, a cat, a Roomba and even their very own mom to give them post-gig pep talks.

Oh, and a ton of stickers and promotional material to cover the outside of the van to let the world know Flaw are on tour!

You're a hero, Stephen Colbert.