Here are the best alt. rock songs you'll hear this week, featuring Sprints, Ride, Sheer Mag and more

Tracks of the week
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If you were missing your weekly scoop on all shiny and new things from the world of alt. rock, fear not, as Louder's tracks list is back, and we've got eight new great releases to kick off the relaunch, everything from heavy grunge, pop-powered love-dovey indie to angst-ridden tracks about breakups. 

As ever, we encourage you to listen to each and then vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page. 

Check out the tunes below, and happy listening!

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Gen and the Degenerates - Kids Wanna Dance

A resolute bassline and an unshakable drum rhythm make up the concrete underbelly of this track, laying down a foundation for the critical and thought-provoking lyrics that issue an important message: the future of our planet is uncertain, but with world leaders causing the majority of its destruction, we may as well all try to enjoy the time we have when such large problems so often lay out of our hands.

Vocalist Genevieve Glynn-Reeves says: “It seems that if people want to spend all their time making stupid videos on TikTok or spend all their money frivolously, then why shouldn't they? There are no stable careers, and they won't be able to afford a house anyway. We all need to find the joy we can and each way of dancing through the end times."

Bodega - Tarkovski

Off the back of their new album announcement this week, NYC punks Bodega dropped the single Tarkovski, a playful indie jingle driven by a frolicking, punchy rhythm and tinkling, pop guitars.

Tarkovski is a pun on the famous Russian director and skiing; I was enamoured by his book “Sculpting in Time” but found that many of his professed rules and guidelines for filmmaking were broken by his own filmmaking practices,” says joint lead vocalist Ben Hozie. “Theory never really gets at what you want and applying theory to the chaotic practice of art making (while still useful and essential) is like skiing down a wild slope."

Return To Dust - Live Like This 

LA rockers Return To Dust are here to help fill the Soundgarden-shaped hole in our lives with their own brand of brooding, metallic grunge. New single Live Like This harnesses the same gritty sleaze as the late Chris Cornell's band or indeed Alice In Chains, with tar-thick riffs and a stunningly sorrowful melody that hides a heart-wrenching backstory about complex family issues and tragic ends. 

Sprints - Cathedral 

Lifted from Dublin garage punks Sprints' 5 star-rated debut album Letter To Self, Cathedral is just waiting to summon the most chaotic of mosh pits, leading off with a prowling, anticipatory verse that slowly escalates, as it dives into a frenzied chorus of whirring guitars and smashing drums, shepherded by vocalist/guitarist Karla Chubb who supplies damning lyrics such as ‘They say you call it drunk punch love, call it power to abusers / He spits his propane and my refusal is a fueller’. 

Ride - Peace Sign

Let your mind float away on a cotton-soft cloud with this psychedelic-edged piece of noise pop by reunited UK shoegaze pioneers Ride. A euphoric listen; spacious, and shimmering with synth hazy guitars and gossamer vocals. “Lyrically I was inspired by a film called The Alpinist about the visionary free climber Marc-André Leclerc” says guitarist Andy Bell. “Soon after I’d finished working on the song I remember I was raving to my bandmates about Leclerc at OX4, and a good memory of that time was us all watching that film at [vocalist] Mark’s studio.”

Swimschool - Give Me A Reason Why

Scottish trio Swimschool emit true angst on their new single, the kind found only within the most painful of romantic partings. While a storm of percussion and guitar rages, frontwoman Alice Johnson pleads in the chorus: ‘Give me a reason why / I should want you / Or believe you / When you said you thought this was gonna last forever’, channelling the messy, emotionally-bare desperation of a heart in turmoil. Describing the track, the band state: “‘Give Me A Reason Why could be classed as a breakup song but it isn’t necessarily about a romantic relationship. It’s about taking ownership of your own life and making hard choices.”

Sheer Mag - Moonstruck

As funky guitar slinks around a groove-packed bass line, Moonstruck ironically, might just be the sunniest anthem we’ll hear in these winter months. It’s a euphoric daze, anchored by the soulful sugariness of vocalist Tina Halladay. “Moonstruck is about how invigorating it is to have a new crush”, explains guitarist/lyricist Matt Palmer. “After too long lost in the wilderness, it's gratifying to find a beacon of tenderness to help reorient yourself in the maze of love.” The best part of this track has to be the peppy Queen-esque guitar solo towards its latter end. How delightful. 

Pissed Jeans - Moving On

To co-inside with the announcement of new album HalfDivorced - their first LP in seven years - Sub Pop-signed Philly punks Pissed Jeans have supplied this meaty slab of straight-forward punk, bolstered by granular, barking vocals that smack against repetitive drums and steadfast riffing. Like what you hear? The four-piece will be touring the UK and Ireland this Spring. 

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