Sharp Dressed Man

This month, @jamiehibbard is elegantly wasted in these three sartorial stand-outs.

Verve Compass T-shirt

Some more indie clothing, this time from Verve. These guys are currently working with big prints and some strong tie-dyes. They do a good line in backpacks too! So check them out.

£16 @originalverve

Flying Horse Indigo Goods Bar Hopper jeans

The warm weather always inevitably leads to thoughts of a new denim purchase, and a brand that sums up those summer vibes perfectly is Flying Horse. Drawing inspiration from the rich melting pot of British street style, they exhibit the best of the UK, and as such are a great place for your summer denim – whether you’re in the UK or not. They also do a cracking line in shirts and jackets which expertly showcase their considerable indigo dye chops.

£115 @fhjeans

House Of Need ‘Need. Luck’ 13 ring

A good bit of jewellery is inescapably rock’n roll, and these guys are doing great stuff at seemingly far too reasonable a price. This awesome stainless steel 13 ring is everything you could want on your hand, so really you’ve no excuse not to get one.

£24.50 @houseofneed