Road Trippin': Baby Godzilla

What can people expect from the forthcoming dates?

Paul Shelley [bass]: “They can definitely expect a release of pent up frustration and energy. We haven’t had much in the way of gigs this year as we’ve been waiting for [guitarist] Jonny’s knee to heal from surgery so we’ll be raring to go, for sure! A lot of people, including ourselves, have been waiting a long time for these Gallows shows, so we’re determined to make the most of these dates.”/o:p

What are the worst injuries you’ve incurred during gigs?

“We’ve all suffered cuts and bruises, the funniest one being when Tom [Marsh, drums] smashed his hand into his drums at a show in Newport, and this gash just started spurting blood like a wound from a cheesy horror film! But the worst would be Jonny’s knee injury. He jumped the barrier on the first night of the Black Spiders tour and twisted his knee, which resulted in him having surgery. He carried on playing for the whole tour, though. He’s a big boy (in a little man’s body) so he’ll come back stronger than ever.”

Have your demented onstage/offstage antics ever backfired horribly?

“Surprisingly, no! As chaotic as it looks, our spacial awareness is pretty on point. We’ve hit each other on the odd occasion but when you’re in the zone, you just carry on, deal with it and all have a good laugh about it afterwards.”

Which is your favourite UK motorway service station and why?

“Tebay [in Cumbria]. Hands down. It oozes class. Yes, there is no McDonalds, but who gives a shit? It’s awesome! Anyone who’s been will know the score.”

What would the UK look like under a Baby Godzilla government?

“That’s a tough one… we’d probably cock it up! Anything that was broken would be fixed with gaffer tape. But hey, surely it’d be a an improvement from the current regime?”/o:p

Baby Godzilla hit the road with Gallows in May




Dom Lawson

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