Road To Bloodstock: Triptykon

Ahead of their main stage performance at Bloodstock this weekend, we caught up with Tom G Warrior to get his opinions on the fest in his inimitable style.

How excited are you guys to be playing Bloodstock this year?

“Bloodstock 2011 was one of the best concerts Triptykon was ever granted to experience. The audience, and thus the atmosphere during the concert, was extraordinary beyond description. We have hoped to be able to return to Bloodstock ever since.

Unfortunately, it seems Triptykon initially wasn’t welcome at Bloodstock 2014, which disappointed us deeply, for the above reasons. In spite of our appearance eventually being confirmed, this has unfortunately left a somewhat bitter taste with me.”

Who would you recommend to watch at Bloodstock?

“Aside from Triptykon? I actually have yet to find out who else will be playing the festival.”

How important are pure metal festivals like Bloodstock?

“Festivals of any kind are a piece of good fortune for the audiences, both for the chance to experience much previously unheard music and for the surroundings and human interaction. The immense commercialisation of the festival circuit is hugely detrimental to the magic of the moment one sees a truly extraordinary band perform, however.”

Who is more metal – Down, Emperor or Megadeth?

“What kind of moronic question is this, posed to grown man, no less? If actually pressed for a reply, neither Down nor Megadeth qualify, and neither does such a question.”

What is your best festival memory?

“In all honesty, Bloodstock 2011, by far.”

Bloodstock is famed for festival-goers drinking out of horns, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve drank out of?

“Again, a question that seems utterly ridiculous to a 51 year old man.”

What are your three essential items to take to Bloodstock?

“Vanja Slajh, V. Santura and Norman Lonhard.”

In one sentence, why should people come and watch you guys at Bloodstock?

“Nobody has to come and see us, one either wishes to experience our music or one doesn’t; either way is fine – those who know, know, and those who don’t should not be coerced.”

Catch Triptykon on Friday 8th August on the main stage at Bloodstock. Get your tickets here.

Luke Morton joined Metal Hammer as Online Editor in 2014, having previously worked as News Editor at popular (but now sadly defunct) alternative lifestyle magazine, Front. As well as helming the Metal Hammer website for the four years that followed, Luke also helped relaunch the Metal Hammer podcast in early 2018, producing, scripting and presenting the relaunched show during its early days. He also wrote regular features for the magazine, including a 2018 cover feature for his very favourite band in the world, Slipknot, discussing their turbulent 2008 album, All Hope Is Gone.