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Road To Bloodstock: ReVamp

We talked to Floor Jansen from symphonic prog-metallers ReVamp about Bloodstock and the concept of 'female fronted' metal.

**How excited are you guys to be playing Bloodstock this year? **

“Very much! Playing in the UK is always great and Bloodstock is a very true metal festival that fits with ReVamp a lot. We’re a heavy band and it’s great for us to show the UK what we’ve got!”

Who would you recommend to watch at Bloodstock?

“ReVamp! Also I would go an see Children Of Bodom and Dimmu Borgir.”

**How important are pure metal festivals like Bloodstock? **

“Metal is a unique genre with very loyal fans who are proud to be metalheads. Only for this it’s great to gather and share the passion. Music-wise the heaviest bands just can’t play mainstream festivals, so they have to play on festivals that are specially there for them – it keeps the music alive!”

**Who is more metal – Down, Emperor or Megadeth? **

“They all are in their own way. Metal is diverse.”

**What is your best festival memory? **

“For me it was singing with Nightwish at Wacken Open Air.”

**Bloodstock is famed for festival-goers drinking out of horns, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve drank out of? **

“Errr… I don’t know. A shoe?”

**What are your three essential items to take to Bloodstock? **

Good company. Lust for metal. Earplugs.

In one sentence, why should people come and watch you guys at Bloodstock?

“We mix a unique blend of metal styles and vocal styles. Plus it’s ‘female fronted’. What ridiculous name that is – all the other bands with male singers would come down to ‘male fronted’. But it’s the sad reality of bands with female lead singers and we’re often put on one big pile by the fans of heavier metal. I would like to show – and prove once again – that these bands do not sound alike and can be very heavy as well. And more importantly, we made two good albums that have been doing well worldwide. We will make a nice mix of those albums in our set and blow your ears out. Come and share this energy with us!”

Catch ReVamp on the Sunday of Bloodstock on 10th August. Get your tickets here.

Luke Morton