Reading 2015: How was it for you?

The gaps in between bands at this year’s Reading Festival gave us a chance to reflect on the weekend with music fans, musicians, comedians, a steward, a shopkeeper and someone selling German sausages. There’s only one thing we wanted to know: how was it for you?

What we didn’t expect was some advice on how to make a box of awful wine more palatable and discover why comedian Alan Carr wouldn’t last five minutes in the great outdoors…

"If your box of wine tastes like shit, mix it with tequila"

"If your box of wine tastes like shit, mix it with tequila" (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

**JONATHAN **“I needed money last year so I signed up to steward, and thought I might as well do it again this year. It’s been quite chilled to be honest, although I did have to help a girl out last night. She was choking, so that wasn’t good. But she was all right. I’ve been trained in first aid, thankfully! My festival tip would be, if your box-wine tastes like shit, mix it with tequila. I did it last year, and it’s actually quite nice.”

"I love festivals, but with less travelling. We’ve hardly had any sleep!"

"I love festivals, but with less travelling. We’ve hardly had any sleep!" (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

WES BORLAND AND CARRÉ CALLAWAY (QUEEN KWONG ) Wes: “We’ve been back and forward all weekend. [Limp Bizkit] played Brixton Academy on Thursday, then we did the show here, then we drove overnight to Leeds and played there, and then we got in the car again to drive the five hours back to Reading. We’ve hardly had any sleep!” Carré: “I’m looking forward to going to bed – we have another show to play tomorrow.” Wes: “Unfortunately it’s not been an enjoyable experience for us. I love festivals, but with less travelling! I like the vibe at Reading and Leeds though – it’s like a mix of the Download and Glastonbury crowd. You see the knuckleheads coming together with the I’m-too-hip-for-everyone crowd, it’s cool.”

"I’m like my own guard dog!"

"I’m like my own guard dog!" (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

ERIC “I’ve been trading for a few years with Andromeda Clothing but this is the first time I’ve done Reading. I’m enjoying it so far, we’ve got good weather and I’ve sold a few bits and pieces. I hope I can get away and see The Skints, they’re a really good band. People go a bit loopy after the last set so I tend to shut around then – I need to get a good night’s kip! I’m actually sleeping in my stall just for a bit of extra security, I’m like my own guard dog!”

"Mulled cider is a bit Christmassy, I suppose..."

"Mulled cider is a bit Christmassy, I suppose..." (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

NIKKI “I was here last year, and I found that our stall [selling German sausages and mulled cider] gets more popular at night when it gets a bit colder. Mulled cider is a bit Christmassy, I suppose, but I think people are just happy there’s a cider on offer! We’ve been really busy with festivals this year; we’ve already done Boomtown and V Festival, and we’re going to SW4 next weekend. It’s good to be keeping busy.”

"I’m off duty now, so I’m going to get pissed!"

"I’m off duty now, so I’m going to get pissed!" (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

**ALAN CARR **“I’ve performed at a lot of festivals. I’ve done V, Latitude, and Reading and Leeds before. I love doing it, but I’m off duty now, so I’m going to get pissed! I’ve done the camping thing, too. I turned up at Bestival a few years ago and I couldn’t put my tent up – I’m gay, you know. That’s an exclusive for you! I ended up having to get two girls to erect my tent because I was standing there like Goldie Hawn shouting ‘Help!’ If those girls read this, thank you, you kept me very dry that day!’

One of these men once lost their shoes at a festival

One of these men once lost their shoes at a festival (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

CHRIS, WILL, JAMIE and GARETH (HUNTER AND THE BEAR) Chris: “At Leeds festival a few years ago I lost my shoes. I had to go barefoot for the whole weekend.’ Will: ‘I lost my trousers! I was at a festival in Scotland and my trousers got absolutely soaked. I lent my other pair of trousers – my last pair – to my friend, who soiled them. So I had to walk from my tent to my car with no trousers on.” Jamie: “I lost my virginity at a festival. And my marbles!” Gareth: “I collapsed someone’s tent once while walking through the campsite. I tripped on a guy rope and fell right on top of it, and heard this little voice say, ‘Mum?’ It turned out there was a young girl in there! At the time I thought the best thing to do was run away, but her dad chased me yelling, ‘Come back here, you bastard!’”

"I'm quite hungover..."

"I'm quite hungover..." (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

JAY “I’ve been here all weekend and honestly, I am quite hungover. It might feel like it’s going to hurt, but the only thing you can do is get a beer in you. Get it down you early and you’ll back on top form. You should get a second wind and feel on top of the world by the afternoon. Anyway, I thought Metallica were bloody brilliant last night. Fuel was a great opener. My first festival? A small one in Cumbria, where I’m from, that used to be full of hippies…”

"Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys camping..."

"Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys camping..." (Image credit: Sandra Sorensen)

MARK TROTTER (LONELY THE BRAVE) ‘The first time I went to a festival? That was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Actually, I think my first festival was Reading, so it’s a nice cycle of events to be back here – it’s our third time playing. I’ve camped before, that’s half the fun, isn’t it? No, let’s be honest, nobody enjoys camping. Trying not to get your tent set on fire by maniacs is always fun. Band-wise, I’m looking forward to seeing Against Me!’