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Randy Blythe has a fight with GWAR's mascot

Randy Blythe and Grilly

Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe found himself in the midst of backstreet brawl with GWAR’s GWAR-B-Q mascot Grilly. While delivering a speech to camera about LOG’s upcoming appearance at the GWAR-B-Q, Randy is interrupted by the cartoonish, showboating Grilly before a full-on fight breaks out. BAH GAWD!

Although, it looks like Grilly picked on the wrong dreadlocked dude and gets an old school ass-whoopin’. Randy displays his best pro-wrestling moves on the apron-wearing monster – from headlocks to clotheslines, and he even gets the steel chair involved! It’s a slobberknocker!

Lamb Of God join Eyehategod, Against Me!, The Dillinger Escape Plan and more at the 7th annual GWAR-B-Q on August 20.

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