Listen to some windscreen wipers accidentally cover We Will Rock You

Freddie Mercury of Queen, performing at the Omni Coliseum, Atlanta on February 21, 1977
(Image credit: Tom Hill\/WireImage)

Life has a funny way of making you remember rock songs at the most random of times.

For example, who doesn’t automatically think of The Cars’ sad-core classic Drive when turning on a Mac and hearing that reassuring chime? And when you blow your nose in the shower, doesn’t that resonant parp sound like the exact same note during Slash’s thrilling intro to Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome To The Jungle?

So… we’re all in agreement, then? Good.

And now, these two hesitant windscreen wipers deserve a tip of the hat. They accidentally turned in a near-perfect rendition of Queen’s stamp-stamp-clap anthem We Will Will Rock You during a snowstorm. Luckily, the vehicle’s driver was on hand to capture the whole thing and add some much needed dah-nah-nahs.

Actually, someone get this duo on the tribute band circuit right now and we’ll see you down the front…

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