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This is a metal song played on a shovel

Yes, you read that headline correctly. This man has turned a normal garden shovel into a one-stringed guitar and boy can he shred!

We’re totally digging this song. It’s ground breaking. It’s used for moving coal, earth, snow, or other material. Okay we’ll stop now.

You might recognise this gardener-turned-riffer as YouTuber Rob Scallon aka the man who played Enter Sandman backwards or the man who played Raining Blood on the banjo. Of course, turning a shovel into a guitar is a different level entirely. By attaching one string and an EMG pickup he’s able to thrash out some seriously djenty goodness – it’s even got volume knobs on it!

Admittedly, Rob didn’t make it, Bob from I Like To Make Stuff put it together, but Rob turned it from metal to METAL.

Metallica's Enter Sandman played backwards