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Prog Me: Hans Lundin

This month: Hans Lundin (Kaipa)

OK COMPUTER? I use Logic on my studio computer but I don’t have to have the latest new thing. I’m an old-fashioned man with an old-fashioned phone so if I’m out walking or cycling, I will wait until I get home to use the internet. MASTERMIND? I don’t think I have one! RELICS? I’m quite minimalist in the way I live but I used to own a classic car – it was a Volvo Duett 1967 that my father originally bought for his commercial laundry business. When he retired, I took it over and looked after it for many years. I eventually sold it to a private collector in Holland. SOUND & VISION So many things have made an impression on me over the years so I’m not sure about favourites, but when I find something that I like, I don’t feel I need to listen to it again because our world is already filled with so much music and films. At the time, I really enjoyed Twin Peaks and I didn’t want to miss an episode, but I don’t think I would sit through it again. SUPPER’S READY! To drink, a cold beer – when I visit any new country, I like to sample the local brews. As for food, I eat almost everything but prefer vegetables, especially ones I’ve grown in my garden.

Dark prog (and chocolate) fan Natasha has been a Prog regular since 2009. News Editor between 2014 and 2019, now Deputy Editor, she is the only member of the team to have appeared on Prog's cover.