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Play Stage Surfers And Hit The Rock & Roll Halls Of Fame (Image credit: Team Rock Games)

Have you played Stage Surfers yet? The game is the first release from Team Rock’s new games division (we sit next to the spec ops team and behind the stacks of alcohol in the green room for visiting rock stars).

You can play it here.

It’s a simple arcade style game, the goal of which is to perform the longest, most insane and spectacular stage dive the world has ever seen. Like games in days gone by we’re aiming for fast, addictive and fun.

It couldn’t be a whole lot simpler. The game uses a single button for control. Tap once to launch your singer into the air and then tap to dive into the crowd.

The crowd has good parts and bad parts. Green fists, orange lighters and blue drinks will boost you on your way to glory. Red fists will stop you dead. Literally. Punched to death. But there’s a little bit of strategy there. Hitting a lighter gives you a huge boost, but kind of, well, sets you on fire. Hitting another lighter after that is game over. However, hitting a drink puts out the flames and you can safely hit another lighter.

Aim For The Parts Of The Crowd Who Can Boost You Further

Aim For The Parts Of The Crowd Who Can Boost You Further (Image credit: Team Rock Games)

It’s very cool, easy to play and comes rock star guaranteed, thanks to a number of new up-and-coming bands who have agreed to release music in the game.

Stage Surfers is still in development. The game’s being worked on - even as you read this. New levels, new characters, power-ups, bonuses and music are all still to come.

The game is free to play on the Kongregate website, a specialist games provider who allow players to share, discuss, like, rate and rank new games. This means it’s ONLINE ONLY at the moment - sorry mobile users - so desktops or laptaps are required to play.

However our plans for the game are to bring it to mobile - as quickly as we can - and make sure every Team Rock fan gets a chance to play and enjoy the game, whatever device they’re using. And you can help make it happen…

Timing Is Everything For The Perfect Dive

Timing Is Everything For The Perfect Dive (Image credit: Team Rock Games)

We want your feedback and your help to make the game better. We want to know what you like, what you don’t, what you’d like to see in there.

We’d also love to hear from new bands who’d like their music featured in the game.

Play Stage Surfers now and help us make the game prettier, sexier and far, far more addictive.

Click here to play the game

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