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Pink Floyd: vote for their greatest ever songs

Vote for the Greatest Pink Floyd songs ever

From their earliest days as one of swinging London's most forward-thinking underground bands to their best-selling albums of the 70s and 80s, Pink Floyd have carved out a unique career.

They're one of the bands who altered peoples' perceptions of music itself, showing that rock'n'roll was about much more than three minute singles and Top Of The Pops. It was about adventure, and exploring the limits of musical possibility, and about not adhering to expected music industry norms. And it was doing all this while becoming a once-in-a-generation kind of commercial juggernaut.

They're one of the bands who shifted audiences away from singles to albums, and while it's their collections of songs that have become iconic, those individual cogs in the wheels are just as important.

So what are the best Pink Floyd songs? We want you to tell us. Use the form below to choose up top 10 favourites, and we'll do the rest...