Ones To Watch At Hellfest 2014

One of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Europe comes crashing into Clisson, France, this weekend. Headlined by Iron Maiden, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath, we've picked out some other names on the bill that are worth your time.


Everyone knows it has been a tough few years for Behemoth. Following Nergal’s battle with leukaemia, the band have come back stronger than ever in 2014. Releasing one of the year’s best albums in The Satanist and leaving everyone’s jaws planted firmly on the floor with their one-off London show earlier this year, you’d be fool to miss Behemoth this weekend.

Death To All

In all honesty a vast majority of the Hellfest line up probably wouldn’t exist at all if it wasn’t for Death and Chuck Schuldiner. Friday at Hellfest sees a stellar line up of Death alumni join forces once more in tribute to Schuldiner and playing the songs that helped shape the metal landscape as we know it.

Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals

With Phil Anselmo mucking about with Zakk Wylde and playing Pantera songs recently, you could almost forget that he released his first solo album last year and it was some of the heaviest material he’d ever put his name to. Almost but not quite, go and see him play The Valley stage as a reminder of Anselmo at his most fearsome.


Ok, so Max Calvalera’s minimal song writing scope, see songs about war, death, fire, hate and not much else, may have led to more recent Soulfly material being a bit hit and miss, however there’s no denying that the man is metal royalty. When he undoubtedly sneaks Sepultura classics such as Refuse/Resist and Roots Bloody Roots into the setlist, you’re guaranteed some of the biggest moments of the festival.


If you fancy a break from metal at any point over the weekend, you’ve probably picked the wrong festival. The closest you can get is by dipping your toes into the world of hardcore and going to watch Hatebreed. There’s very few bands on the bill that can deliver a set that’ll get you thumping your chest, shouting along and feeling like you can headbutt an elephant as much as Jamie Jasta and co.


Wild-eyed mad men surrounded by flames is nothing new to festivals, yet watching one of the world’s best death metal bands, Watain, is far more recommended than standing by at Reading festival while an A level student, in a Mumford & Sons t-shirt, who has just had his first beer sets fire to your tent.

Of Mice & Men

On their recent UK tour Austin Carlisle and co. proved that their days of playing small venues are numbered. Following the release of Restoring Force earlier this year the band have been gradually edging closer and closer to world domination, their set on the second stage is set to be another master class in world-beating metalcore.


Last year’s Surgical Steel was a very long overdue return from Liverpool’s grindcore legends. Proving they haven’t got any less gory or grisly with age, it lived up to the expectation and showcased just how amazing Carcass are. Expect a hero’s welcome as the band headline The Altar stage on Saturday.

Paradise Lost

We’ve been having some lovely weather recently, regardless of whether it keeps up for Hellfest you should definitely take 40 minutes or so to chuck your Callipo in the bin and wallow in darkness with British goth legends Paradise Lost as they play The Altar.

Protest The Hero

The Warzone on Saturday sees everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-core lunatics Protest The Hero set to deliver what is sure to be one of the most bonkers sets of the weekend. If their music videos are anything to go by expect scrapping Star Wars fans, juggalos, and the whole band to be made out of cardboard.

Dark Angel

Despite only releasing four albums before splitting up in the early 90s, Dark Angel managed to do more than enough in that time to amass a cult following. Fans had been relentlessly teased with rumour reunions until it was officially confirmed late last year. At the moment though, there have been only a limited number of dates announced so miss them at your peril.


If you can think of a better way to end a weekend than partying with a bunch of sailors from Norway, we want to hear it. One of the world’s most flamboyant and downright fun bands, are sure to deliver one hell of a party to close the weekend with the likes of All My Friends Are Dead and I Got Erection.