Occult rockers Lucifer reveal a gloriously retro new video

Lucifer promo pic 2018
(Image credit: Ester Segarra)


Fast becoming an iconic figure in the heady world of occult rock, Johanna Sadonis is nevertheless clearly a woman who embraces change and evolution. Forming Lucifer after the break-up of The Oath, her resonant vocals found new room to explore with a more sophisticated, mystique-steeped sound that mixed enlightened langour with proto-metal riffs courtesy of former Cathedral and Death Penalty guitarist Gaz Jennings.

Three years after the release of their debut album, Lucifer I, Lucifer are ringing the changes once more. Replacing a departed Gaz with revered riff wizard Nicke Anderson (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric), the cunningly titled follow-up, Lucifer II - released on July 6 via Century Media – finds a more immediate medium for Johanna’s soul, space and time-searching missives, rocking out in classic, blues-steamed style, but infused with that all-important, ain’t-Kansas atmosphere attained only by the most genuine of seekers.

If you’re impatient to hear the next stage of Lucifer’s journey, than your incantations have been answered, because we have a special and exclusive preview in the form of a killer video for Lucifer II’s opening track, California Son. Shot in convincingly grainy and colour-washed retro-cinematic style and knowingly featuring - not quite so convincingly - Johanna, Nicke and fellow guitarist Robin Tidebrink looking cool-as-you-like as they ride though various unlikely and trippy backdrops, interspersed with Egyptian symbols, mushroom clouds and an understandably startled goat, California Son is a mystic mission statement that knows how to rock out too.

“It is with great pleasure to bring you the video for our new single, California Son,” says Johanna herself. “We tried to squeeze in all things fun: old-school green screens, motorcycles, heavy music and cemeteries. Hope you dig it!”

So without further ado, rev up your senses, place an old VHS copy of Girl On A Motorcycle on your altar and get groovy to California Son below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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