Norway's Vreid unveil a spectacular and grisly new lyric video

Vreid promo pic 2018
(Image credit: Havard Nesbo)

In the 14 years since they arose from the ashes of Windir, Sogndal’s Vreid have always given the impression of being unerringly focused on their mission while still creating a body of work that’s never lacked for variety - be it in terms of subject matter or the variety of sonic shades they’ve hammered out on their mid-paced, black’n’roll anvil.

The band’s forthcoming eighth album, Lifehunger - due out on September 28 via Season Of Mist Records - is another imperious statement of intent, riven with charged, folk-tinged riffage, landscape-carving grooves and a peak-scaling scope.

We have a special preview in the form of an captivating lyric video for the track Black Rites In The Black Nights, its fist-raising tale of bloody and unbidden goings on illustrated with spectacular tracking shots across their home town’s fjords and forests, bloody illustrations, clips of films with witches coming to an unpleasant end, incinerated monks and more.

“A new chapter opens,” sayeth the band,  “and it’s a dark one. The eternal rites can never be controlled, and khaos will forever conquer. So join the madness and let the fire of creativity burn.”

What more could you ask for than wanton sorcery, ritual wrongdoings and the unmitigated ire of puritans set to a gothic, groove-laden monster with a martial undertow to boot? So pick up a pyre, shout “HERESY!” at a passer-by and enter into the baleful, moonlit realm of Black Rites In The Black Nights below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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