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Norway's metal marauders Vredehammer unveil a stunning new track

Having recently done a stint as Abbath’s studio guitarist, Vredehammer’s Per Valla has returned to the band he founded seven years ago, and he’s gearing up for another full-length assault in the formidable form of Violator.

An album whose visceral power mows down simple black and death metal categories in the manner of tank rolling over fleeing foot soldiers, Violator marries pulverising brute force with an unfussy contemporary sheen and towering lead breaks that glisten like a solar storm burning up the last of the earth’s atmosphere.

With Violator due to be released via Indie Recordings on March 18, we are proud to announce an exclusive preview of magnificent and marauding opening track, indelicately titled Light The Fucking Sky. No matter what era of metal you align yourself with, this track is going to hit you like an overdose of Creatine, so flex your muscles, watch the world burn and declare yourself overlord of the aftermath to Light The Fucking Sky below!

March upon Vredhammer’s Facebook page here

And enjoy the spoils of war by pre-ordering Violator here!

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