The six new songs you need to hear this week

Beware Of Darkness' new video features kittens

Here are the six best new songs that charmed their way into our ears, sat on our mind sofa and didn’t show any signs of going. They’re still there and we don’t know what to do. Call Big Dave? It doesn’t matter. Leave them be, actually.


As you’d expect from the title, this lyric video for this new song by Santa Barbara trio Beware Of Darkness contains a fair amount of effin’ ‘n’ jeffin’. But as they flash up onscreen, it’s over a video of a bunch of cute kittens being cute. The song itself is sleazy and grungy, and builds up to an epic, rather debauched climax. Tiny, tiny kittims! Naw.

EVERY TIME I DIE – The Coin Has A Say

Eight albums in and Every Time I Die have lost none of their ire. Much of the album was apparently shaped when frontman Keith Buckley’s wife encountered problems during her pregnancy and nearly lost her life. It’s no surprise, then, that this song is an emotional powerhouse that feels like a few hundred kicks to the heart.


Last year’s fifth full-length marked another step in the band’s evolution and maturity, as Avalanche ably shows. It’s still quintessential BMTH, but whereas the Sheffield crew were once about brutal aggression, this song is shot through with a sense of poppy calm. It’s still followed by a battering storm, however.

TARJA – Innocence

It’s been over a decade since Tarja Turunen left Nightwish and embarked on her solo career. With two albums coming out this year, it seems she’s entering a particularly prolific period. This, as you’d expect, is a pretty epic tune that showcases her impressive vocals and her knack for combing rock music with classical sensibilities.

ROB ZOMBIE – Medication For The Melancholy

This full-throttle belter is taken from the former White Zombie man’s sixth studio album, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. Not much can compete with that album name, but suffice to say that the video for Medication For The Melancholy is just that – it’ll definitely bring a smile to your face.

ANTHRAX – Zero Tolerance

You might think, at the ripe old age of 35, Anthrax would be slowing down a little, but you’d be wrong. The seminal New York thrash metallers released For All Kings, their powerhouse of a studio album earlier this year. A case in point is this track, which sums up everything that’s wrong with humanity and society in a few simple lines.