Listen to Tokyo Taboo's new album 6th Street Psychosis

A press shot of Tokyo Taboo

London-based noiseniks Tokyo Taboo are poised to release their debut album, 6th Street Psychosis, tomorrow – but you can stream it in full right now, exclusively on TeamRock. A visceral collection of unapologetic pop-punk, the album takes inspiration from New York noise-rock, Manga, drag culture and almost everything in between.

“The album is my frantic attempt to understand my mid twenties life crisis”, frontwoman Dolly Daggerz tells TeamRock. “I had a moment where I just had no idea what I was doing with my life or where I was heading. I had to wade through a swamp of my own shit and had many hours of therapy to try to work through all of the scrambled thoughts buzzing through my tired brain. The album is all of those thoughts in song form.”

Dolly Daggerz

Dolly Daggerz

Self Sabotage I think is a great example of the boredom and dissatisfaction I felt at the time,” she continues. “The first line ‘I’m so bored bored of being alive’ is quite relatable, I think. Then you have ‘I’ve got twenty three hours when I wanna die’ in Make It Out Alive, which is venting the frustration I felt as a pacifist that wars in the Middle East never seem to end. There are songs about getting rid of “leeches” - toxic, negative people and narcissists, creating boundaries and shutting the negative out.”

Recording the album was an experience which would take them across the globe. “The album was recorded in Los Angeles with the amazing Noah Shain,” says Dolly. “That’s where the ‘6th Street’ in the album title comes from. We recorded in a studio on 6th Street and had to drive through Skid Row every day to get there, which was an experience!”

Listen to the full album, exclusively on TeamRock, below.