Listen to North Atlas' moody new single Another Ocean

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Vocalist Leon D Hunter – who bears more than a passing resemblance to Chris Hemsworth dressed up as Thor – explains that the ideas at the heart of the song are based upon “the uncertainty of the future,” which is something he sees as “an endless ocean in-front of you”. “This makes you feel like you’re an imperfect person among a sea of people who from the outside seem to be doing well,” he continues. “You become a cast away, who arrives at a separate island to that of your former life.” This swaying sense of woozy insecurity is mimicked throughout the track’s twists and turns.

You can hear the new track below, where we also catch up with the band to chat more about the single, and find out what they have lined up for next.

What’s the story behind Another Ocean?

Leon D Hunter: “Another Ocean is a song about moving on and starting again. Feeling like the uncertainty of the future is an endless ocean in front of you.”

What drew you to the themes you cover on Another Ocean?

LDH: “The song was written at the end of a bad breakup and reflects that all-too-familiar feeling of self doubt, being cut off and becoming a separate island from your former life.”

What’s your favourite story or memory from recording the single?

LDH: “We brought a few bottles of Scotch whisky down from Scotland to share with Dan and the crew at the studio in Lincolnshire. One night after blasting the drums all day everyone ended up getting a bit drunk and walking out to the middle of the Licolnshire countryside, smoking cigars in the rain, all huddled under a big golf umbrella getting very existential and looking up through the Starfinder app.”

What was it like working with Enter Shikari’s Dan Wellar?

LDH: “Dan really got exactly what we were driving at with this song; his experience with an electronic soundscape mixed with our alt-rock vibe was very comfortable. I feel we clicked well as people too, having a lot of drunken discussions about great metal bands, and some shit ones.”

What do you hope people will take from the single?

LDH: “A feeling of escapism. I hope people will feel a connection with the emotions written into big metaphors that reflect how small moments in life can feel huge and seem to have monumental weight when you’re experiencing them.”

What do you hope the single will do for the band?

LDH: “I hope it will give people a taste of our sound and encourage people to come and see us live. We put a huge enphasis on our live show, thats where it all kicks off!”

Do you have anything else – an EP, an album – primed for release?

LDH: “The plan is to release an EP next year.”

What do you have lined up for next?

LDH: “We’re putting out a 2nd single in November, a follow up to Another Ocean, then a small tour at the end of the year.”

Another Ocean will be released on 8th September via King Of The Woöds Recordings

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