Kissing Candice premiere new album Blind Until We Burn

Gore-loving horror-metallers Kissing Candice are releasing their new full-length Blind Until We Burn next week, but we’re premiering it right now to fill your ears with blood and pus. Plus we have a quick chat with guitarist Tommy “Dreamer” Sciro to get a glimpse into the new record…

What are the ideas behind the new album, Blind Until We Burn? “The ideas behind Blind Until We Burn are basically that most of us go through life with a blindfold over our eyes and never see what is truly there until it is too late. Within the record, there are things about questioning the media, making your own decisions based on what you truly believe in, questioning religion, and standing up for yourself. To summarise, it’s to be aware of life and to make the most of it.”

You just released Put ‘Em Up as a single, what’s the story behind the song? “This song is an anthem for anyone that feels, or has felt pushed aside for their beliefs. Whether that be on mass scale, or even within a small group of people or friends. It’s a big middle finger to society’s binding “rules” and stating that most people have the wrong idea about what it is to be an individual. It’s about joining up together and being a unified unit and a celebration of individuality.”

What was the catalyst to creating this record? “The easiest way to put this is that many people have lost their way nowadays. We wanted to create an alliance where free thought and creativity is not only shared, but celebrated. There are so many ignorant things going on today and we felt compelled to write about them. It’s that simple. Sometimes the easiest way to get back on track is to indulge in music and really let go and redefine who you are. We felt this record had to be a mouthpiece for everyone and a wake-up call to complacent thinking.”

As a horror-based band, what do you find horrifying about the world today? “The fact that people still find new ways to be ignorant. We have advanced so much as a race, but there is a true lack of common understanding and acceptance that turns to hate. This needs to be changed now.”

When were you last truly scared? “We outran a tornado a few days ago – I had to check my pants a few times. Oh, and also when I looked at my bank account this morning.”

Blind Until We Burn is out 30th June via Victory Records. Pre-order you copy here.

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