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Kids react to Disturbed

Kids react to Disturbed

Since their inception in 2000 with The Sickness, Disturbed have been one of the biggest bands in metal. Period. They know their way around a chorus, swing bigger hooks than Captain James himself, and David Draiman makes that crazy monkey noise. What's not to love?

Kids aren't quite as enamoured with the Chicago metallers as we are, though. In the latest episode from YouTube titans FBE, kids have been reacting to the music of Disturbed, including the songs Down With The Sickness, Stricken and Are You Ready. They also manage pretty decent impressions of Draiman's signature ooh-wah-ah-ah!

But what do they actually think of the music Disturbed make? Here are a handful of observations from the boys and girls:

“I’m disturbed by their music”
“Can’t understand what they’re saying”
“Not a bad band, they’re okay”
“What are they even singing about?”
“He looks like he’s very mad at someone”
“All these videos are so cheesy”

The kids are also introduced to the band's mascot The Guy, and share their ideas for what the next Disturbed album should be called. 

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Luke Morton