“I’m climbing out of the ashes of Slayer”: Kerry King’s exclusive track by track guide to his new album From Hell I Rise

Kerry King in 2024
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Kerry King on the cover of Metal Hammer

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The return of Kerry King is one of the biggest stories of 2024, and the release of the Slayer guitarist’s first album under his own name, From Hell I Rise, is almost upon us.

Kerry is on the cover of the brand new issue of Metal Hammer magazine, where he reveals how he built an entirely new band from the ashes of Slayer – and how the latter’s surprise reunion later this year fits into his plans.

We took the opportunity to get the man himself to give us a track by track run down of From Hell I Rise. Cue thrash ragers, punk throwbacks, tales of war and political corruption, and at least two songs that were left over from Slayer’s final album…



“Having walked out onstage for 30-40 years to an intro, I knew this record needed a fucking intro, and this is it. It starts out with a heavy, heavy, heavy riff, super-powerful, and to me it sounds like somebody badass is coming to the stage.”

Where I Reign

“This gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. The title definitely references my history, which is a cool continuity link from Slayer to Kerry King. The key lyric here is ‘From Hell I will rise’, which obviously ties in with the title track closing the album.”


Residue is about a shady politician. There’s some super-haunting octave guitar in here, which keeps recurring, and every time I hear it, I’m like, ‘I’m so glad I made that up!’”

Idle Hands

Idle Hands is a good representative of what the album is. From fans to friends to musician peers, everyone has been super-excited about it, and I’ve had so many people sending congratulations my way after hearing it.”

Trophies Of The Tyrant

“After this title flew out of my mouth, I knew what it would be written about: war, specifically the war in Ukraine. Lyrics like ‘The dead impaled and crucified’ are my attempt to evoke war- time brutalities.”


“I thought I was a genius for making that title up… and then discovered that about eight fucking bands had used that word before me! I call this the money shot, because it’s pure 80s thrash from top to bottom and people are going to love it.”


“I had the title for Tension in my head for the longest time, and it fits here because the music sounds tense to me. Every verse is its own little story with the final line saying things like ‘Violence is everything.’”

Everything I Hate About You

“Is this targeted at any one individual in particular? No, I hate all kinds of people, and it’s very easy for me to get angry about things! It has a fast, punky vibe.”


“This was written while I was stuck in a hotel room after getting Covid, after [reproductive rights law] Roe vs. Wade in America got overturned. Every Supreme Court Justice that got put into office during the Trump administration lied to get their job, and I’m not OK with that.”

Two Fists

“I intentionally wrote this to be like a 1980s punk song. Lines like, ‘This fuckin’ ship’s about to sink / I think I need another drink’ were fun to write.”


“This is one of the two songs that were left over from [Slayer’s final album] Repentless, and it’s another political one. I finished it during the pandemic, when there was a lot of rioting going on in America, and it has that sense of anger.”


“Here I wanted to take a riff similar to [Scorpions’] Animal Magnetism and mix it with a riff like Hell Awaits. It’s my interpretation of what it would be like being on patrol in times of war.”

From Hell I Rise

“This is the other song that was left over from Repentless, and it’s a ‘I’m Kerry King, I don’t care about religion’ song. It’s the sound of me climbing out of the ashes of Slayer, preparing to kick ass once more.”

Read the full interview with Kerry King in the brand new issue of Metal Hammer, onsale now. Order it online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Kerry King on the cover of Metal Hammer

(Image credit: Future)

Kerry King on the cover of Metal Hammer

(Image credit: Future)
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