Is Metalocalypse coming back?


As avid Dethklok fans know, Adult Swim passed on commissioning a new series of Metalocalypse earlier this year. But now it seems all is not lost…

The website Metalocalypse Now is counting down to something… but we’re not 100% sure what. Looking at their social media channels, we see that Metalocalypse Now are the people behind this petition asking Hulu to commission a fifth and final season of the show. And if you visit the Metalocalypse Now Facebook page, its URL ends in ‘MetalocalypseTheFinalChapter’, so maybe plans are afoot to give Dethklok the send-off they surely deserve.

Creator Brendon Small has been retweeting Metalocalypse Now and even sent tweeted this to Hulu:

Could Hulu be resurrecting the most metal TV show of all time for one last run? Fingers crossed.