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Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood talks to The Metal Hammer Show

As Iron Maiden release their sixteenth studio album, The Book Of Souls, The Metal Hammer Magazine Show revisits a chat it had with Rod Smallwood from 2013 at Download Festival where his band were headlining the Saturday night.

Fresh, in a manner of speaking, from cycling from London to the festival site over the space of three days with the Heavy Metal Truants, he spoke to presenter and magazine editor, Alexander Milas, about why he’ll never go to Glastonbury, Maiden’s genesis and the mainstream media’s misconception of metal fans.

“There’s an honesty in being a metal fan, “said Smallwood, “A love of music in its pure form. Along with fans of classical music fans, studies have shown that metal fans have the highest IQs, though we knew that all along anyway. We just have to live with the condescension of the media, lazy and stupid, they won’t be bothered to investigate it properly.“

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