How Dool's debut album embraces the darkness

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Energy, as they say, can’t be destroyed it can only be transferred, and after the tragic loss of The Devil’s Blood, that combination of searing psychedelia, twin-lead-gilded hard rock and restless drive for illumination and abandon has found a new and equally breath-taking outlet in the form of five-piece Dool – rather aptly the Dutch word for ‘wandering’.

Backed by The Devil’s Blood’s former rhythm section, drummer Micha Haring and bassist Job van der Zande, as well as Gold and The New Media guitarists, Nick Polak and Reinier Vermeulen, Dool’s guiding light is frontwoman Ryanne van Doorst – former Bad Candy vocalist, an occasional actress/reality TV/documentary star and possessor of a set of pipes so fearlessly searching that they could part the heavens.

Their debut album, Now Here, There Then – due to burn through our atmosphere on February 17 via Prophecy Productions – has some huge, groove-shunted dynamics that will be familiar to fans of The Devil’s Blood. The band’s combination of explorative urgency and intimate self-examination map out a unique vision, projected to all four corners of the universe by Ryanne, and, on tracks such as In Her Darkest Hour, carry a haunting emotional weight.

Don’t just take our word for it, however, because we have an exclusive stream of Now Here, There Then in its full, soul-ravaging glory. So strap yourself in, set your dials for the unknown and give yourself to the boundless journey that is their debut below!

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Jonathan Selzer

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