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Heavy Metal World Cup: Rammstein vs Underside

Rammstein vs Underside

In the penultimate match of the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018, Rammstein (representing Germany) are facing off against Underside (representing Nepal).

In the quarter finals, Rammstein managed to defeat Aussie brutes Parkway Drive with 75% of the vote, and underdogs Underside were able to knock out Brazil's Sepultura with 80% of the vote.

But how do they stack up against each other? Let's take a look.


Members: 6
Albums: 6
Genre: Industrial metal
Biggest Song: Du Hast
Most Likely To: Set fire to fucking everything


Members: 4
Albums: 1
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Satan In Your Stereo
Most Likely To: Fuck the system

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!