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Heavy Metal World Cup: Parkway Drive vs Rammstein

Parkway Drive vs Rammstein

The second quarter final in the 2018 Heavy Metal World Cup is Parkway Drive (representing Australia) versus Rammstein (representing Germany).

Both bands emerged victorious in the opening round, fending off two of heavy music's most loved bands – including a shock victory over Iron Maiden for Rammstein. But how will the two bands fare against each other? Both bring the heat on stage, but only one can take that fire into the semi finals.

Here's how the two bands match up on paper.

Parkway Drive

Members: 5
Albums: 6
Genre: Metalcore
Biggest Song: Carrion
Most Likely To: Snap your necks to this


Members: 6
Albums: 6
Genre: Industrial metal
Biggest Song: Du Hast
Most Likely To: Set fire to fucking everything

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