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Heavy Metal World Cup: Iron Maiden vs Rammstein

Iron Maiden vs Rammstein

The sixth match in the opening round of the Heavy Metal World Cup is Iron Maiden (representing England) vs Rammstein (representing Germany). In real-life football, England vs Germany is a Very Big Deal, and this contest will be very interesting to see too.

Iron Maiden are currently on their mammoth Legacy Of The Beast tour, which by all accounts is absolutely bonkers, but Rammstein have just announced their first album since 2009 – which we're hoping will bring the FIRE!

Here's how the two bands match up on paper.

Iron Maiden

Members: 6
Albums: 16
Genre: Heavy metal
Biggest Song: Number Of The Beast
Most Likely To: Take your life if you take their's too


Members: 6
Albums: 6
Industrial metal
Biggest Song: Du Hast
Most Likely To: Set fire to fucking everything

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!