Watch a heavily bearded man play and shoot a guitar built from a shotgun

Rev. Peyton with shotgun guitar
Rev. Peyton with shotgun guitar (Image credit: YouTube)

Apart from producing videos featuring mass nudity or playful kittens, one sure-fire way for ambitious musicians to attract the attention of the internet is to perform a song using an instrument built from something non-musical. Remember the video of the guy who played a metal song on a shovel? It’s had over a million views. Or the guy who built a guitar out of a still-working microwave oven? Instant web fame. Or the guy who built a working guitar out of Lego? You get the picture.

A new video from deepest Indiana might just top them all. It features Rev. Peyton, leader of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, playing a guitar built from a still-working 12-gauge shotgun, breaking off from some slick slidework to cock the weapon and loose off a successful shot at a nearby target.

The good Rev describes his interests as, “National guitars, washboards, drums, Country Blues, fishing, homemade cooking, handmade things, limestone hills, wilderness, geodes, regular folks, underdogs, target shooting, persimmons, poetry, driving, playing shows and Brown County.”

This isn’t the good Reverend’s first stab at viral fame — last year he released a video in which he performed the bluegrass classic John Henry on 18 different instruments, including cigar box guitar, mandolin and lap steel, as well as a guitar cleverly constructed from a tin of ham. Rev. Peyton, we salute you.

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