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GALLERY: Linkin Park close Rock On The Range 2015

It’s been a weekend full of bands on different ends of the rock spectrum and of varying size, but arguably the most successful are tonight’s headliners Linkin Park.

If you’re under 30 there’s a strong chance you owned or still own a copy of _Hybrid Theory _and it’s pretty safe to assume that the sold-out crowd in Columbus do too. The big guns of One Step Closer and Papercut fit seamlessly with tracks from latest album The Hunting PartyRebellion opening the lungs of the thousands down front.

It’s not the biggest stage set from LP that we’ve ever seen but the sound is massive with chugging nu-metal riffs and beastly bass deafening every mole in a ten mile radius.

We could ramble on but, of course, a picture’s worth a thousand words – so here’s 12,000 words!

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All photos by Stephanie Cabral.

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