Florida's tech-death behemoths Nightmarer stream their debut album in full

Nightmarer promo pic 2018, by Justina Villanueva
(Image credit: Justina Villanueva)

Bridging state of the art tech death and the altered state, lurch-down-the-rabbit-hole dynamics of Deathspell Omega and their occult-minded ilk, Florida’s Nightmarer are about to make all your bad dreams come true with the release of their debut full-length, Cacophony Of Terror, due to spewed out like so much white-hot matter from theSeason Of Mist black hole on March 23.

For all those with hardy constitutions, and who want to hear a band that can finally challenge Meshuggah to some Transformers-in-the-fourth-dimension heavyweight bout, we have a stream of the album in its full, potently pummelling glory.

“The time has come to unleash Cacophony Of Terror in the shape it’s intended to be experienced in,” declares guitarist Simon Hawemann. “All previously released singles have merely been pieces of the puzzle, but the entire album reveals a much more disturbingly complete picture of what we are trying to convey with our music: paranoia, self-destruction, pure misery and death. Contrary to most dissonant extreme metal entities, we decided to go for a full-on wall of sound approach – to emphasise the crushing weight, which is beating down the protagonist of the story that we’re telling on this record, until all life is stomped out of him. Now go and bathe in the misery of Cacophony Of Terror!”

Clearly, these are beings not to be trifled with. So heed his words, prepare to end up juggling your eyeballs and submit yourself to Cacophony Of Terror below!

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And order Cacophony Of Terror here!

Jonathan Selzer

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