Five Vocalists Who Could Replace Danny Worsnop

Following the shock news that Danny Worsnop has left Asking Alexandria to focus on his new band, We Are Harlot, it got us thinking… who would be the best singer to front the band? Let’s look at the shortlist…

**Jeffrey Wellfare – Capture The Crown **Wellfare could be the ideal replacement. The Aussie band’s sound has often been criticised by some for sounding a bit too close to Asking Alexandria, so it wouldn’t exactly be a stretch for him. Things have been unstable in their camp for a good few years due to various personnel changes, and although Welfare has been the only constant member throughout the band’s history, the chance to do a similar job on much bigger stages could see him defect quickly. While he could quite comfortably match Worsnop’s screams, he may struggle with his clean vocals. ODDS: 41

Sebastian Bach The former Skid Row frontman is clearly a big influence on Worsnop’s singing style and he’s also performed the classic Youth Gone Wild on a few occasions with the band. Although it would be strange for Worsnop to see his childhood hero fronting his old band, he’d undoubtedly be chuffed to see him join the ranks. One problem, though – Bach may not be able to add that menacing growl in the vocal department, but he could always take them in a different direction by putting his own signature spin on the likes of The Death of Me and The Final Episode. ODDS: 101

**Matty Mullins – Memphis May Fire **He’s one of the few metalcore frontmen who commands as much fan adulation and Tumblr tributes as Danny Worsnop. Boasting an impressive vocal range, Mullins could quite comfortably go pound for pound with the former AA singer when it comes to belting out guttural screams and clean vocals. Memphis May Fire have even noted that Asking Alexandria have been a big influence on their sound, so it could be a match made in heaven. The only drawback we can see is that Matty is a religious man. His clean-cut Christian values could clash wildly with the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle the rest of the band are so (in)famous for. ODDS: 151

**Caroline Westendorp – The Charm The Fury **It’s no secret that metalcore has been predominantly a boys’ club for a long time, but The Charm The Fury’s Caroline Westendorp has grown to be one of the genre’s most notable performers. Asking Alexandria have never been ones to play by the rules, so we’d love to see Westendorp in the ranks. It’d be a bold move, but would point towards an exciting future for the band. ODDS: 201

**Corey Taylor – Slipknot/Stone Sour **OK, so he may have his hands filled at the moment with Slipknot’s current world tour, but Taylor has never been one to kick back and watch the grass grow. As well as the Des Moines nonet and Stone Sour, Corey has worked on solo material, written books, provided guest vocals for a huge host of other bands and was even rumoured to be the one-time replacement for Scott Weiland in Velvet Revolver. Slash may have stated that Corey was a bit too ‘macho’ for the job, but macho would fit the bill perfectly here. Plus, he similarly cites 80s hard rock vocalists as inspiration and his high profile would mean he’s one of the few rock stars out there who could comfortably replace Worsnop and raise the band’s game considerably. ODDS: 1001

Please note: all odds were made up on the spot.

**Photo credits **Sebastian Bach: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic Matty Mullins: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage Corey Taylor: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment